Mystikz Classic Gaming Glasses

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Sick of Eye Strain? 

Easily stop the harmful light that is a natural bi-product of every type of screen with a pair of gaming glasses!

The Mystikz Classic gaming glasses are anti blue light glasses that are custom designed for people that spend most of their time behind digital screens. Have you ever felt your eyes become dry, irritated or tired after spending hours playing video games, browsing the web or even watching tv?

Our gamer glasses help combat these issues to prevent strain to your eyes. Your eyes are slowly getting damaged and soon you will get pain and blurred vision if these symptoms persist. Your vision is the most valuable asset you have in your life and is irreplaceable.

These video game glasses feature a sleek fashion style frame with copper coloured lens that effectively blocks out eye-irritating blue light from any screen or monitor. The technology is proven more effective than f.lux, as the software barely reduces blue-light radiating from your computer, but these glasses block them out entirely! Also, the glasses serve as tools for all gamers, including PS and Xbox, where f.lux is not available at all. Buy our gaming glasses now which feature blue light blocking and anti-fatigue lenses.

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  • Width of glasses: 151mm
  • Lens width: 57mm
  • Bridge width: 17mm
  • Lens height: 54mm
  • Arm length: 143mm