About Us

What Canvas Artz Can Do For You

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

-’How can I make my home cool and unique, without spending too much money?’

-’How can I WOW people who come visit me with awesome decorations?’

-’How can I express my creative side with art that shows who I am?’

...If you have then you’re in the right place.

Here at Canvas Artz we offer unique wall arts, home decoration suggestions and custom prints.

Our mission:  To transform your home into a unique place of stay that resonates your creative side with affordable home decorative canvas arts.

Whether you’d like to celebrate being a proud American, highlight your artistic style, show the world your passions, or even appreciate a nice relaxing ambiance where you can enjoy some alone time - we’ve got stunning canvases for everybody!

We’re one of the only companies offering these cool canvases in 5 piece, 4 piece, 3 piece and 1 piece.

Not only that but we also keep pushing the boundaries by expanding our range to give you even more choices.

It’s never been this easy to turn your living room into the coolest place on the block - perfect for both hanging out with your buddies or enjoying a quiet evening by yourself with a nice glass of bubbly (and perhaps a bit of Netflix & Chill).

Either way, you’re gonna love it.

The People Behind Canvas Artz

Canvas Artz was founded in 2016 by two young & talented entrepreneurs with the ambitious goal of transforming the world's home decoration industry.

Based out of New York, the daring duo managed to create a big impact in record time by focusing on 3 fundamental commandments:

1 - Unwavering focus on providing the best prices

2 - Unparalleled range of styles and options for everyone’s taste.

3 - Fast free shipping even on large gallery wrapped sets.

These foundational commandments (and their extreme customer focus) allowed them to grow worldwide with shipments going all over the world. 

Why Choose Canvas Artz?

  • We have the BEST prices in the market for Multi-Panel options and that's guaranteed.
  • We have in-house designers that create fresh & unique designs almost daily which are fully customisable.
  • We create sick, progressive designs for passionate fans of pop culture. 
  • Our customer service team is also in-house and highly trained to help you. 
  • We also ship worldwide for our fellow customers located outside of the US with tracking.

When you choose a canvas from Canvas Artz, you’ll be amazed by its quality, attention to detail, and sheer scale of its awesomeness.

Our designs look great and there’s something for everyone’s unique taste.

In fact, that’s also why a canvas from Canvas Artz is the perfect gift for your partner, family members, parents, or even your friends.

Perhaps it’s an upcoming birthday or anniversary that you still haven’t found the right gift for, or simply it’s payday and you know now’s the right time to splurge - give Canvas Artz a try and we promise you’ll love it!